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Many people have used the wonderful online encyclopedia of all thing called Wikipedia.org.   But now there is a NEW Online encyclopedia JUST for Natural products called NutraWiki.org.  This unique encyclopedia is dedicated to all things Natural and Organic.  It is a place where you can find simple straight-forward explanations describing the ingredients used in your products, and promote why your particular brand is a cut above your competition.  NutraWiki.org is YOUR platform to promote YOUR products and educate the world as to the special ingredients you offer.  NutraWiki™ – YOUR Natural Products Educator!

Here’s how it works:



How does shipping work?

The shipping will the responsibility of the vendor. WON will not take physical product in stock.  All orders from WON will be immediately transmitted to the vendor via email.  Each vendor will drop ship their products directly to the customer in the most appropriate method.

How do we calculate shipping cost?

Shipping costs are calculated at direct cost per the shipper. WON Offers FREE Shipping to the consumer who orders at least $50.00 worth of products. These rates and procedures can be discussed as part of our setup meetings.

What is the cost to add more products at a later point?

Great news, there is no additional cost to add more products.

How will you drive traffic to the site?

The marketing of the site is of utmost importance.  WON will be marketed through all the traditional methods such as print and media advertising, but will be heavily marketed via the online methods such as Pay-per-click and Social media.  A unique element of our marketing strategy also involves the utilization of our Natural Products reference site Nutrapedia.org and NutraWIKI.org.  The constant addition of good quality content to this site insures the algorithms used by Google(tm) today will result in our sites being found by those performing general internet searches.

Are you offering any type of promotions or sales?

WON will only be offering any promotions or sales discounts our vendors wish to offer.  WON is happy to incorporate any offer or incentives our vendors wish to promote at any time.

What is the NutriWiki?

The Nutri-Wiki is a term established from the Wikipedia as an avenue to explain to the consumers about the various products/ any benefits associated and the company story about how these products originated.

What do I need to provide you with on the NutriWiki?

WON requests a simple explanation of your products/ any benefits associated with it/ any special ingredient details and your company story.  Please reference any ingredient or company in the current WIKI as an example.

When and how will I get paid?

The payment process will follow this process:  The customer will place their orders on the WON Website and their credit card will be charged for the full amount of the order at that time.  The order will then be transmitted to the vendor for fulfillment and shipping to the customer.  Once the vendor sends back the acknowledgment of the shipment and the tracking number for the order, WON will immediately release the payment to the vendor?

How many products will be on the site?

WON is a unique boutique site for its vendors and customers.  WON is interested in offering unique, high quality products that provide a real benefit to our customers, so the quantity of products will ultimately depend upon the findings and reviews of the WON Staff.  WON is more concerned about providing high quality products than about having a high volume of products.

Will you be offering video?

Yes, WON will be adding videos to the NUtriWiki area of the site.  Video may be provided by our Vendors or produced by the WON staff for an additional fee.

Will you be offering this to wholesale customers?

Great news, it’s available now. WON will offer a username and password area of the site where your customers can log in and see their special wholesale pricing as well.

A Marketplace for Natural Products

If you have Natural / Organics products that you would like to get more exposure – then WON is a great place to do it! We carry Natural & Organics products of a wide variety including: food, health & beauty products, baby products, and pet products.


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