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Natural-News: Cornerstone for Natural & CellQuest Collaborate

By September 29, 2018Press Releases

Cornerstone for Natural (C4N) Marketplace helps to create a more environmentally friendly and health considerate community for people everywhere by collaborating with “green”, organic wholesale distributors and suppliers with high standards for their customers. Altogether the results gained from these efforts is reshaping the way that people shop for and consume goods, as they make healthier and more progressive choices via the C4N e-Commerce (online shopping) marketplace. Now the C4N team is excited to reveal another new partner for customers around the world to explore: Welcome, CellQuest!

C4N’s team chose to partner with CellQuest because of their incredible commitment to finding and distributing the healthiest possible liquid and solid supplement solutions for people everywhere.

“Prominent among the largest of herbs, plantain and banana ‘trees’ grow to heights of twenty feet or more in tropical areas of the world. Some of these musaceas plants contain distinct nutritious and medicinal properties. Their berries are also an excellent source of nutrition, while their pseudostem liquids contain compounds, which may further assist the human cellular immune system. CellQuest manufactures two forms of these basic plant products: One for internal application and the other for topical use. Unlike other dietary supplements on the marketplace, these are not ‘formulated’ products. They come directly from the plant, itself. There is also no solvent extraction involved in the process, so that the raw ingredients (phytoalexins, etc.) are naturally preserved.” Basically, the plant’s own immune system solutions can be absorbed and work to strengthen the human cellular immune system by providing both solid structure and function support. This is a health-based solution that Cornerstone for Natural can solidly support.

One of the newest options available for shoppers who choose to explore CellQuest is the ‘CellQuest – Active Calcium Pack’ (View it on C4N Marketplace). It’s described as a healthy solution that includes three bottles, each designed as, “A newly formulated mineral, vitamin and calcium product.” Furthermore, “The liquid form of the products are considered more bioavailable than solids”. Ingredients include Musaceas Musa L. Sp., vitamins A, B3, B6, B12, C, D3, E, K2, thiamine HCL, riboflavin-5 and more. This is a nice addition for shoppers looking to boost their immune system, reduce stress and support overall health. It’s a fine choice for anyone (men and women), alike. These and so many more amazing health resources are conveniently available for any and everyone within the C4N Marketplace online (e-Commerce) site, 24/7.

Through this new partnership with CellQuest along with a long list of other incredible organic suppliers of environmentally safe and health focused nutraceuticals, dietary supplements, skincare solutions, health foods and more, the C4N Marketplace team will work towards the creation of a greener environment and a stronger society for all.

Find CellQuest on C4N Marketplace at: https://c4nmarketplace.wpengine.com/seller/cellquest/


About Cornerstone for Natural Marketplace:
What makes Cornerstone for Natural different? We believe that knowledge gives us the ability to make healthier choices for ourselves. That’s why, in the Cornerstone for Natural Marketplace not only will you be able to shop for the finest natural products on the market – for every product on our site, you’ll be able to click on each ingredient in each product to learn about them via our NutraWiki.org fact page, empowering you to decide for yourself what’s healthy for you.

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