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Natural-News: Cornerstone for Natural & Natrol, Collaborate

By August 24, 2018Press Releases

Cornerstone for Natural (C4N) Marketplace helps to encourage more health conscious and environmentally caring communities by teaming up with authentically “green” and organic nutraceutical companies and sharing their products via the C4N online marketplace. Today, C4N’s team is happy to announce a successful collaboration with a new nutraceutical supplier for shoppers on the website: Natrol.

For over thirty years, Natrol has focused on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for their vitamins and supplements and has consistently received an “A” rating from the independent industry association known as the Natural Products Association (NPA). They’re are committed to ensuring that customers always receive the best, most effective and unquestionably, pure, health products. Through rigorous quality checks and exhaustive supplier qualification screenings, they’re able to ensure the best of the best ingredients are made available to customers. Quality, uncompromised is a natural, Natrol creed.

From supplements full of essential daily vitamins to those inspired by superfoods, such as acai berries and more, Natrol’s health conscious consumers are in love with their variety of organic options. As one insightful news article recently explained, “Instead of supersizing snacks, dietician Ashley Koff says now is the time to superfood snacks instead. Acai palm trees in South America produce a berry that is widely touted for its many health benefits. Loaded with antioxidants, fiber and healthy fats, the berry is also known for containing key vitamins like vitamin A, iron and calcium” (Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, Aug. 15, 2015).

Natrol’s increasingly popular ‘AcaiBerry Extra Strength Vegetarian Capsules’ (View it on C4N Marketplace) is essentially a powerful antioxidant (antiaging) resource, made from one the world’s most beneficial superfoods: Acai Berries. This “Dark purple berry indigenous to the Amazon rainforest, is a nutritious and powerful fruit valued for its rich nutrients. With a high Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) value – twice that of blueberries”. This is the ultimate superfruit. Products like ‘AcaiBerry Extra Strength’ are a wonderful solution for shoppers who are looking for healthy and organic options to supplement their diets. Plus, the benefit of selecting Natrol’s dietary supplements over those produced from similar companies for shoppers, is that they can rest assured that what they’re putting into their bodies is comes from nature and is designed to make them feel amazing. One could even argue that Natrol is the most natural choice. These and many other great resources are easy to find for any and everyone in the C4N Marketplace e-Commerce website at anytime.

Through collaboration with Natrol and numerous other health conscious, organic and natural nutraceutical distributors that have joined the C4N Marketplace team, the world can begin to build up a much greener planet and healthier society.

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