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Natural-News: Cornerstone for Natural & Nubian Heritage

By September 16, 2018Press Releases

Cornerstone for Natural (C4N) Marketplace fosters a more environmentally considerate and health conscious global community for all by working together with organic and “green” business leaders. Altogether the progress achieved from these organizations is supplying the world with some of the most incredible goods for the global shopping community via the C4N online (e-Commerce) marketplace. Today, C4N’s team is delighted to announce a partnership with an absolutely incredible new distributor for customers everywhere on the planet to celebrate: Welcome, Nubian Heritage!

C4N’s team chose to partner with Nubian Heritage because of their inspiring beginning as simple street vendors in Harlem. Fresh and free from college, the Nubian Heritage team set out to spread the word about the healing traditions of African black soap and shea butter to the community that they loved. Filled with all the passion and determination of youth, alongside the knowledge of culturally authentic healing traditions that have been used as natural skin and body treatments since the early 1990s, they worked to share organic skincare solutions with the nearby local communities throughout New York City. It didn’t take long at all for demand to pick up, as consumers quickly felt the products’ positive effects: smooth, youthful, healthy skin and hair. Guided by the ancient traditions of the world’s first melting pot in Nubia, the team reimagined organic healing traditions and combined them with modern wellness solutions. Today’s Nubian Heritage team is essentially inspired to merge the ancient healing practices, cultural wisdom and indigenous ingredients of the old world with the those of our modern society in order to create some absolutely amazingly effective and perfectly natural solutions for both skin and hair.

Their mission is to “Make cultural exchange the model for transforming the global community”. The journey has been a long and successful one already but it’s far from over. What began in Nubia, was adopted and adapted in Harlem and continues to grow globally is at this moment empowering people with reliable healing traditions, rituals and philosophies, worldwide. Nubian Heritage works responsibly and compassionately to clear and share a path to wellness for all.

One of the most popular options available for shoppers who choose to explore Nubian Heritage is their ‘Nubian Heritage – Raw Shea Butter Body Lotion’ (View it on C4N Marketplace). It’s described as, “An ultra-moisturizing body lotion, rich in raw African shea butter, blended with antioxidants, soy milk, palm oil and Vitamin E, which hydrates and restores skin’s suppleness. Plus, frankincense and myrrh extracts will help to revitalize the skin. Expect to feel smoother and more youthful looking skin”. This is a highly ideal choice for anyone (men and women) that is seeking a reliable solution to support them on the journey to brighter, younger and all-around healthier skin. These and so many more amazing health resources are easy to explore, select and ship for any and everyone in the C4N Marketplace e-Commerce store (online), 24/7.

Through collaboration with Nubian Heritage and the many other environmentally and health considerate manufacturers and distributors of skincare solutions, health foods, nutraceuticals, dietary supplements and more, the C4N Marketplace team can help to foster a far more green and beautifully thriving planet for all, now and in the future.

Find Nubian Heritage on C4N Marketplace.


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