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Natural-News: Cornerstone for Natural & Olivella, Connect

By September 15, 2018Press Releases

Cornerstone for Natural (C4N) Marketplace fosters a healthier and more environmentally considerate world for all by connecting with organic and “green” nutraceutical organizations. Together they share incredible products for people on the C4N online marketplace. And now, C4N’s team is bringing in another high quality supplier for everyone to get excited about: Welcome, Olivella!

Olivella has one big goal: To help everyone to realize their most healthy and beautiful selves!  Years ago, the CEO of Olivella noticed that many of the leading brands in the cosmetic industry were buying olive oil byproducts, such as squalene and vitamins from his family. So he invested research into this and soon realized that their were direct benefits from olive oil for skin. By joining forces with the Istituto Acidi Grassi in Milan, the first ever virgin olive oil skincare line was born. This gave the world a solution, which could better clean skin while also delivering incredible nourishment, moisture and healing effects. Now, in Campello (Umbria region, known as the Green Heart of Italy) olive groves are cultivated for the amazing solutions that Olivella proudly offers to the global community. Their skincare products are all natural and made from pure, high quality ingredients. Olivella’s skincare products are also rich in olive oil triglycerides, which further enhance their health benefits. They call it the “Natural Mediterranean Diet” for healthy skin.

Even contributors for the Global Healing Center, the premier source for natural, organic living have explained that, “Adding olive oil to your beauty routine may provide immense benefits to your skin, hair, and nails. Olive oil creams, cosmetics and body lotions are more popular than ever for self-administered skin care, because more people are finding that it works better than commercial moisturizers” (Global Healing Center, January 25, 2015).

One of the most popular offerrings is the ‘Olivella All Natural Virgin Olive Oil Moisturizer’ (View it on C4N Marketplace). This is described as, “An all natural product which can be added to your beauty routine with a blend of essential oils that will nourish your skin naturally along with delicate floral and citrus scents. Created for all skin types, this moisturizer is excellent for a deep hydration skin treatment”. One could say that Olivella is an obvious, natural skincare choice. These and many other great resources are easy to find for any and everyone in the C4N Marketplace e-Commerce website at anytime.

Through collaboration with Olivella and the many more health conscious, organic and natural distributors of nutraceuticals, health foods, skincare products and more, the C4N Marketplace team will begin to build a greener planet and a healthier world for all.

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About Cornerstone for Natural Marketplace:
What makes Cornerstone for Natural different? We believe that knowledge gives us the ability to make healthier choices for ourselves. That’s why, in the Cornerstone for Natural Marketplace not only will you be able to shop for the finest natural products on the market – for every product on our site, you’ll be able to click on each ingredient in each product to learn about them via our NutraWiki.org fact page, empowering you to decide for yourself what’s healthy for you.

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