Antacid — 1 OZ


Relieves symptoms associated with heartburn and excess stomach acid, such as Burning stomach pain, Indigestion, Nausea, Bloating.

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Anacard OrHomeopathic use
Arg NitThe particular therapeutic usage of this homeopathic remedy perfectly fit for the middle ages whenever it is used as an antiseptic along with corrosive to deal with injuries. Nowadays Argentum Nitricum continues to be used in wart treatments.
Arsenicum AlbArsenicum Album is an important polycrest, meaning that its indications can be for every organ and system in the body. Boericke tells us, “Arsenicum Album’s general symptoms often alone lead to its successful application.”
Bismuth MetInexpressible pain in stomach; must bend backwards.
CondurangoCondurango is used for indigestion and stomach cancer. It is also used for increasing the appetite.
Geranium MacThe early Native Americans used this herb to treat many medical conditions including dysentery and diarrhea. It was used as eye wash and the powdered root, often mixed with other herbs, was used as a compress on wounds and swollen feet.
Nux VomUsed for disorders of the heart
PyrogeniumThe main condition that pyrogenium is used to treat is blood poisoning, and its associated symptoms.
RobiniaVarious parts of the Robinia Pseudoacacia tree have different uses. They can be used to purify the body, cure spasms and encourage proper flow of bile.
Sulphuricum AcSulphuricum Acidum is an acid that was a favorite remedy of the Middle Ages, being used extensively in dilution in the treatment of scrofulous, phagedenic, cancerous, and venereal ulcers, as a gargle and mouth-wash for aphthae, ulceration of the gums, and diphtheria.

Fast relief for heartburn distress! Keep this homeopathic oral spray bottle handy in your brief case or purse. You’ll want this day-saving product nearby when the need arises so you can get the natural relief you need within minutes. Antacid works without the negative side effects or drug interactions that are common with ordinary pharmaceutical antacid products

Homeopathic Remedy for Acidity
Relieves symptoms associated with heartburn and excess stomach acid, such as:
– Burning stomach pain.
– Indigestion.
– Nausea.
– Bloating.


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