Dog Muscle, Joint, Arthritis — 4 OZ


For symptomatic relief of: hip, joint and back pain, inflammation, stiffness and swelling associated with injuries or arthritis pain, lameness, difficulty rising or climbing stairs, imping or holding foot up, weak hind legs.

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Actaea SpicataActea Spicata is beneficial for treating rheumatism, and especially rheumatism from the smaller knees and lower back.
Aesculus HippocastanumThe seeds, especially those that are young and fresh, are slightly poisonous, containing alkaloid saponins and glucosides.
Arnica MontanaArnica Montana Flower Extract is a dark brown clear liquid made from the flowers of the plant Arnica montana.
Bellis PerennisBellis Perennis is a common European species of daisy, of the Asteraceae family, often considered the archetypal species of that name.
BryoniaBryonia is a genus of flowering plant in the gourd family. Bryony /ˈbraɪ.əni/ is its best-known common name.
Calcarea CarbonicaIt’s made from an inner lining in shells that have been prepared in a process known as trituration, which involves grinding something into a very fine powder for the purpose of purifying it.
Calcarea FluoricaCalcarea fluorica, also called calcium fluoride, fluoride of lime, calcii fluoridum or fluorspar, is a naturally occurring mineral.
CausticumUsed for arthritic symptoms
Cimicifuga RacemosaCimicifuga Racemosa is used today mainly as a dietary supplement marketed to women as remedies for the symptoms of premenstrual tension, menopause and other gynecological problems.
Formicum AcidumCures gastrointestinal upset
Hypericum perforatumThis plant has been used as an herbal remedy for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties.
Ledum PalustreLedum Palustre is used in herbalism to make an herbal tea called “Labrador tea”.
Lithium CarbonicumLithium is an element. It gets its name from “lithos,” the Greek word for stone, because it is present in trace amounts in virtually all rocks.
Magnesia PhosphoricaAccording to homeopathic practitioners, this remedy has many medical uses for a wide variety of health problems
PhosphorusPhosphorus is a mineral that makes up 1% of a person’s total body weight.
Phytolacca DecandraPhytolacca decandra is promoted in alternative medicine as a dietary supplement that can treat a wide range of maladies including mumps, arthritis and various skin conditions.
PulsatillaPulsatilla is used as a homeopathic remedy.
Rhododendron ChrysanthumRhododendron Chrysanthemum is most abundant in the Alpine regions of Siberia, but is found likewise in other mountainous and snowy regions of Asia and Europe.
Rhus ToxicodendronRhus Toxicodendron is a homeopathic remedy.
Ruta GraveolensRuta graveolens — commonly known as rue, common rue or herb-of-grace — is a species of Ruta grown as an ornamental plant and as an herb.
Salicylicum AcidumSalicylic acid (from Latin salix, willow tree, from the bark of which the substance used to be obtained) is a monohydroxybenzoic acid, a type of phenolic acid and a beta hydroxy acid.
SepiaThe homeopathic remedy sepia is prepared from the dark brownish-grey colored pigment obtained from the ink sac of the common cuttlefish and is used to cure a number of health problems, especially those related to women’s reproductive organs.
SulphurUsed for arthritis
Zincum MetallicumZincum metallicum is a homeopathic remedy used to treat a wide variety of ailments related to a zinc deficiency in the body.

King Bio Natural Pet Muscle Joint and Arthritis Reliever is a natural homeopathic remedy for dogs that provides fast relief of joint related symptoms including pain, stiffness, arthritis, inflammation and swelling, and injuries.

Natural Pet Pharmaceutical help provide a more natural path towards greater health for your pet companions. Utilizing the latest in homeopathic medicine research, King Bio’s Natural Pet Pharmaceuticals empower your pet’s own natural healing resources. You will have more peace of mind knowing you are providing resources to create optimal health and enhance the quality of life for your pet.

For fast relief of joint related symptoms including:

Inflammation & Swelling

For symptomatic relief of: hip, joint and back pain, inflammation, stiffness and swelling associated with injuries or arthritis pain, lameness, difficulty rising or climbing stairs, imping or holding foot up, weak hind legs.


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