Sidda Flower Essences Calm Down – Pets – 1 fl oz


Pets Calm Down by Siddha Flower Essences 1 fl oz Liquid Pets Calm Down1 fl oz Liquid Product Siddha Calm Down can be helpful for animals who are uneasy in storms. It soothes tendencies towards being easily excited or nervous. This remedy can help animals feel more grounded and connected to the earth. Aspen 5X HPUS Calc Phos 12X HPUS Cherry Plum 5X HPUS Kali Carb 6C HPUS Kali Phos 6X HPUS Nat Carb 9C HPUS Phosphorus 6C HPUS Rock Rose 5X HPUS Temporarily relieves symptons Anxious Restless and Nervousness Excitable Uneasy in stormy weather Suggested Use As a dietary supplement Pets 31 lbs and heavier 5 sprays in mouth twice per day 5 days per week Pets 30 lbs and lighter 3 sprays in mouth twice per day 5 days per week May be sprayed into pets water bowl May be applied externally to the top of the pets head – Or as directed by your healthcare professional. Other Ingredients Basil Black Eyed Susan Chamomile Daffodil Lemon Balm Mock Orange Natural Flavor Purified and Structured Water Ylang

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Purpose Aspen
Calc PhosAny of several phosphates of calcium occurring naturally in some rocks and in animal bones, used as a fertilizer and food additive as well as in baking powder and dentifrices.
Cherry PlumThe plant is used in Bach flower remedies – the keywords for prescribing it are “Desperation”, “Fear of losing control of the mind” and “Dread of doing some frightful thing”. It is also one of the five ingredients in the “Rescue remedy”.
Kali CarbIt is highly caustic, so it is rarely recommended for internal consumption, unless it is quite diluted. For medical purposes, it is most often applied to the body externally, as an ointment or lotion. Homeopathic medicine practitioners believe that it can treat the symptoms of joint pain, back pain, kidney disorders,insomnia, and even asthma.
Kali PhosKali phosphoricum is commonly known as potassium phosphate or potash. This cell salt is recommended by homeopathic doctors as a possible cure for mental or physical exhaustion among other conditions. In the process of producing this homeopathic remedy, kali phosphoricum is diluted so that no measurable amount of the original potassium phosphorus solution is in the final product; homeopaths teach that the essence of the solution remains behind and does the healing. The effectiveness of this remedy has not been tested in double-blind laboratory research, and there is no peer-reviewed scientific evidence that supports claims about its efficacy.
Nat CarbIn homeopathy, nat. carb. is prescribed to treat digestive disorders like indigestion, nervous problems, such as headaches as well as skin conditions like corns, blisters, herpes, moles and warts. In addition, this homeopathic medication is also known to be effective for curing exhaustion and colds. Below is a brief discussion on some of these condition-specific uses of nat. carb.
PhosphorusEssential Mineral - Wide Range of Benefits Including Bone Health, Cellular Repair, and Healthy Digestion
Rock RoseTo treat panic, stress, extreme fright or fear, and anxiety; and for promoting calmness and relaxation
BasilBasil is an herb. The parts of the plant that grow above the ground are used to make medicine.
Black Eyed SusanRudbeckia hirta, commonly called black-eyed-Susan, is a North American species of flowering plants in the sunflower family, native to the Eastern and Central North America and naturalized in the Western part of the continent as well as in China. It has now been found in all 10 Canadian Provinces and all 48 of the states in the contiguous United States.[2][3][4]
ChamomileUsed to Treat Anxiety and Upset Stomach.
DaffodilDaffodils, the flowers symbolizing friendship, are some of the most popular flowers exclusively due to their unmatched beauty. Daffodils belong to the genus Narcissus. Daffodil flowers have a trumpet-shaped structure set against a star-shaped background.
Lemon BalmRich in Antioxidants - May help Relieve Anxiety
Mock OrangeThe essential oil of orange has a wide variety of domestic, industrial and medicinal uses. Domestically, it is used to add orange flavor to beverages, desserts and sweetmeats. Industrially, it is used in soaps, body lotions, creams, anti-aging and wrinkle-lifting applications, concentrates for soft beverages, room fresheners, sprays, deodorants, biscuits, chocolates, confectionery and bakery items.
Natural FlavorNatural flavors are created from anything that can be eaten (i.e animals and vegetables)
PolylysinePolylysine refers to several types of lysine homopolymers, which may differ from each other in terms of stereochemistry and link position.
Ylang YlangYlang-ylang oil has a euphoric and sedative effect on the nervous system and helps to relieve feelings of anxiety, tension, shock, fear and panic. It is believed to reduce high blood pressure and relieve intestinal infections by inhibiting the growth of harmful microorganisms.
Flower essence

Homeopathic Remedy for Pets Temporarily relieves symptoms of:
Restless and nervous
Uneasy in stormy weather Indications are based on homeopathic materia medica, not clinical tests.
Ingredients : Each dose contains equal parts of: Active Ingredient | Purpose Aspen 5X HPUS | unfounded sensation of fear and danger Calc Phos 12X HPUS | wants to wander Cherry Plum 5X HPUS | feeling blocked or congested inside Kali Carb 6C HPUS | anxious apprehension; tendency to take alarm Kali Phos 6X HPUS | restless and nervous; startles easily Nat Carb 9C HPUS | timid; fearful Phosphorus 6C HPUS | excitable, easy to startle; uneasiness in stormy weather Rock Rose 5X HPUS | acute state of fear, terror and panic The letters HPUS indicate these ingredients are officially included in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States. Inactive Ingredients: Basil*, Black Eyed Susan*, Chamomile*, Daffodil*, Lemon Balm*, Mock Orange*, Natural Flavor, Polylysine, Purified and Structured Water, Ylang Ylang*. * flower essence Warnings
Stop use and ask a veterinarian if symptoms persist or worsen
Keep out of reach of children
Country of origin : USA
Gluten Free : Yes
Yeast Free : Yes
Wheat Free : Yes
Size : 1 FZ
Pack of : 1


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