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Boiron: two-fold pharmaceutical strength.

First, like any pharmaceutical company, Boiron adheres to industry standards. Good manufacturing practices are applied throughout our five production facilities, 59 distribution platforms and subsidiaries in 18 countries. Second, though, we raised the bar by mastering the manufacturing of very high dilutions that cannot be left to non-experts. For 80 years, we have built an untouchable expertise in this area like no other.

Understand and develop new medicines

85 research projects underway. These programs are designed to engage and bring together university research teams, medical teams and veterinary teams from every continent.

Homeopathic medicines without borders

Boiron is a global Group with 18 subsidiaries and a presence in 59 other countries.
In 2010, close to 50 percent of our business was conducted outside of France.

The Boiron spirit

We are keen on developing specific benefits for our employees to enrich their well being. It is essential for us to link the economic global performance with the individual benefits.

3,700 united partners in one project, sharing management practices and common values.
Genuineness, happiness, thoroughness, kindness and passion are cornerstones that we build upon daily.