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How Delúvia Was Born
From the age of 15, Alicia suffered with Psoriasis and began her search for relief. She saw volcanic mud at a home show and an idea was sparked. She and her husband, Matt, were selling retail products at the time and they wanted to sell something that meant something to them so they began researching skin treatments.
This blossomed into discovering the healing powers of the Dead Sea. They traveled as a family to Israel, along with another couple who were their business partners at the time. They experienced, first-hand the amazing properties of the Dead Sea minerals and the concept of Deluvia was born. They experienced such dramatic results that they decided to launch a Dead Sea product line. Since that time, this has developed further into a complete line of products further enhanced with organic Aloe Vera, along with other specialized ingredients beneficial to the skin.

The Delúvia Difference
Delúvia strive to use natural and organic ingredients to create quality products without fillers or preservatives. As a family business, Delúvia can take the time and care to keep the line of products as pure and natural as possible.

Demúre Mineral Cosmetics
Healthy for the skin – Create spa-quality mineral makeup – Natural makeup
Alicia and Matt saw a need for a pure, cosmetics line that would complement the Dead Sea skin care line. Naturally, they wanted it to be healthy for the skin without parabens, fillers or other chemicals that can be harmful to the skin. At the time there were very few natural cosmetics available. So they decided to expand the product line and create spa-quality mineral makeup that was made from nature, as well as provided excellent coverage while feeling light and gentle. The line was called ‘Demure’, from the original word, meaning an unassuming, natural makeup.

Look Good – Feel Good
Beauty and Well-being go hand-in-hand
Delúvia believe that when one takes care of their body and skin they feel good. It only makes sense that beauty and well-being go hand-in-hand. With the creation of its products, Delúvia focus on going beyond just cosmetic benefits. Its products are enriched with natural ingredients such as aloe, botanicals, and Dead Sea minerals that offer a way to relax your body and mind, enrich your senses with aromatic oils and reap the benefits of healthier more youthful-looking skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized.