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L A Naturals

About Us

We are proud to present our line of liquid herbal extracts and liquid vitamin sprays. Our high quality herbal extracts and vitamin sprays are made from either herbs that are certified organic, ethically wild-harvested or selectively imported, or high quality, gluten free, natural vitamin sources. They are pesticide-free and have never been fumigated or irradiated. They are also free of GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Each herb is custom-picked with sensitivity to the environment at the peak of its growth cycle by skilled botanists.
Our product line offers a large variety of herbs and vitamin sprays, including Vitamin D3, Vitamin B-12, high quality single herbs such as Echinacea, St. John’s Wort, Ginkgo and Kava as well as an assortment of combination formulas such as Liver Detox, Immuno-Tonic, Aller-Calm, Digest-Ease, Echinacea/Goldenseal and Kava Gold.
Our products are competitively priced and are available in liquid tinctures, liquid veggie caps, and liquid spray bottles. Although most are extracted with USP grade grain alcohol, we do offer quite a few alcohol-free tinctures that use USP grade vegetable glycerin and raw New Mexico clover honey added as a sweetener. These alcohol-free tinctures are first processed using USP Grain Alcohol to assure potency. The alcohol is then removed and replaced with USP grade vegetable glycerin. (Glycerin is not an effective extraction medium.)

Traditional Herbalism

L.A. Naturals Professional Strength Botanicals tinctures and combination formulas are based on the successful real-life experiences of the many patients who seek help at the Vitality Works Health Clinic. Since 1982, the clinic has developed a national reputation among thousands of clients. Focusing on herbalism and holistic protocols, each patient’s speific needs are addressed by a staff of professional practitioners. Often the herbalis will change a formula to maximize results. Over the years, their efforts have produced effective combination formulasfor the general public. Their traditional approach is: “TREATING PEOPLE, NOT JUST SYMPTOMS.”
We are indeed excited to offer you the highest quality and most effective tinctures available.