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Life-flo began in Phoenix, Arizona in 1995 with Progesta-Care, a USP natural progesterone cream derived from wild yam. It was a hit. The Life-flo brand introduced additional progesterone creams, both scented and unscented and then expanded the line to include other natural hormone products, such as pregnenolone, melatonin and DHEA. They also introduced other nutrients such as MSM and hyaluronic acid creams. All of these ingredients are packaged in the signature enclosed pump dispenser, are all natural and parabens free.

In 2006, Life-flo joined the Nutraceutical family of brands where it has flourished and has produced additional exciting new formulations. Today, the line offers approximately 100 products, which include a detox cleansing kit, anti-aging lotions and creams, male enhancement products and joint care products.

All of Life-flo products emphasize purity, quality and synergy above all. We adhere to the strictest manufacturing guidelines, screen our ingredients and our finished products multiple times to ensure only the purest, most effective products are shipped to our satisfied customers. We invite you to experience the Life-flo difference!