Acai + White Tea o/f Moisturizer — 2.1 OZ


Fruit stem cell complex with argan stem cells, acai berry, and kombucha probiotics nourish and fortify as aloe vera polysaccharides soothe and condition with oil-free hydration for a clear, balanced complexion.

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Aloe Barbadensis JuiceAloe Barbadensis leaf juice can soothe skin and serve as an anti-inflammatory. It can be efficiently used topically, because of its burn healing effects, scar reducing and wounds healing properties.
Vegetable GlycerinGlycerin is what is called a humectant. Glycerin helps maintain the skin’s water balance on an intercellular level. Glycerin in lotions or other skin care products can help prevent or combat dry skin.
Cyamopsis TetragonolobusGuar gum is used as a laxative. It is also used for treating diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), obesity, and diabetes; for reducing cholesterol; and for preventing “hardening of the arteries” (atherosclerosis).
Octyl PalmitateEthylhexyl palmitate, or octyl palmitate, is the fatty acid ester derived from 2-ethylhexanol andpalmitic acid.
Saccharomyces Xylinum Black Tea FermentCommonly known as Kombucha. Boosts skin immune function and assists in restoring volume to deficient zones in the skin.
Fruit Steam CellsThis ingredient is currently being researched thoroughly by our team. A NutraWiki page summarizing our findings will be available soon.
Bioactive 8 Berry ComplexBioActive 8 Berry Complex provides a potent portfolio of super antioxidants to combat environmental stressors, support cell turnover, and increase collagen.
Zea Mays StarchIt is also a common alternative to antibiotics when treating a urinary infection resulting from bacteria. Excessive use of antibacterial medications can lead to bacterial resistance to these medications, and complications can arise in children who take pharmaceutical medications.
Euterpe OleraceaMany fruits besides acai berries provide antioxidants and other nutrients that are important to your health.
Salix AlbaWillow bark is also used for fever, the common cold, flu, and weight loss.
Camellia SinensisResearch tells us that white tea is good for heart health, strengthens bones, and has powerful antioxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory qualities.
Hibiscus Rosa-sinensis ExtractsHas been shown to function as an anti-solar agent by absorbing ultraviolet radiation.
Magnesium Ascorbyl PhosphateVitamin C is an antioxidant found in fruits and vegetables. It is important for your skin, bones, and connective tissue. It promotes healing and helps the body absorb iron.
Vitis ViniferaVitis vinifera is a species of grape known as wine grape, European grape or grapevine.
Olive SqualaneSqualane as a Moisturizer
LecithinLecithin is a fat that is essential in the cells of the body. It can be found in many foods, including soybeans and egg yolks. Lecithin is taken as a medicine and is also used in the manufacturing of medicines.
TocopherolVitamin E is an essential vitamin for the human body. Out of the eight tocopherols, alpha-tocopherols are the most commonly available and are also preferentially absorbed and used by the body.
AllantoinThis medication is used as a moisturizer to treat or prevent dry, rough, scaly, itchy skin and minor skin irritations.
PanthenolNatural Conditioner
Phenethyl AlcoholThe number of chemical ingredients used to make the artificial strawberry flavor in a fast food strawberry shake, for example, is similar, chemically to the number of chemicals in a fresh strawberry.
EthylhexylglycerinEthylhexylglycerin is a topical skincare ingredient and deodorizing agent, often indicated as a conditioning ointment in the treatment of eczema.
Citrus TangerinaThe health benefits of Tangerine Essential Oil can be attributed to its properties as an antiseptic, antispasmodic, cytophylactic, depurative, sedative, stomachic and tonic substance.
Cymbopogon MartiniFragrance Ingredient

Age Defying Fruit Stem Cells
Fruit Stem Cell Science
Fruit Stem Cells
Non GMO Project Verified
Verified Gluten Free
No Paraben Preservatives
No Sulfates or Phthalates
Vegetarian & Cruelty Free
A Force of Nature
pH Balanced & Hypo-Allergenic
Perfect for active skin types, humid conditions, and when skin needs lightweight hydration. This quenching and mattifying gel-cream, with Fruit Stem Cell Complex, Acai berry, and white tea, provides a potent portfolio of antioxidants to slow cellular damage and stimulate healthy cell renewal for a revitalized complexion.
How Does it Work?
Fruit Stem Cells
Malus Domestica Apple, Solar Vitis Grape
Renew Dormant Cells
Repair Damaged Cells
Regenerate Healthy Cells
Bio Active 8 Berry Complex
Certified organic portfolio of superfruit antioxidants; Acai Aronia Bearberry, Bilberry, Black Elderberry, Goji, Rosehips, and Sea Buckthorn.
Certified Organic Aloe Vera
Soothes inflammation, oxygenates and hydrates, advances dermal delivery and absorption of active ingredients.
Age Defying Fruit Stem Cells
BioActive Berry Complex
Certified Organic Aloe Vera


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