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Andalou Naturals

Our Reason for Being

Inspired Beauty + True Kindness + Mindful Action

Andalou Naturals embodies beauty in action. We infuse the best of nature and knowledge into mindful and effective products that are good for people and the planet.

We value knowing where our ingredients come from, the farmers who grow them, and connecting the human chain of hands that make every step possible from farm to bottle, soil to skin, and botany to beauty.

Our skin care, hair care and body care products are made thoughtfully and beautifully, blending advanced Fruit Stem Cell Science with natural and fair-trade ingredients, with a minimum 70% certified organic content, for visible and healthy results.

At Andalou, we champion social responsibility and giving-back by establishing A Path of Light as a philanthropic asset of the company, supporting sustainable trade, eco-conservation and collective relationships, while bestowing a true and meaningful reason to succeed.

The meaning of Andalou is ‘Path of Light’, and we believe it best reflects our intention to foster good things in the world and enrich the lives we touch, one responsible product at a time.

For Andalou Naturals, it’s simply the way business should be done.

Our Commitment

A Path of Light

At Andalou Naturals, we’re committed to philanthropic sustainability and have built in a way to give back by establishing and weaving A Path of Light into the fabric of our company, creating a charitable asset with the capacity to endure, and giving us a true reason to succeed.

A Path of Light is at the intersection where for-profit meets non-profit and entrepreneurship meets philanthropy. We believe that a good business model is a sustainable one, upholding people and the planet, because it’s an integral part of what makes business go and grow.

Our charitable commitment fosters sustainability by promoting socially responsible trade and commerce with enduring economic growth, benefiting the wellbeing of humankind and communities, and giving back to socially responsible projects and inspiring do-gooders, because it feels good!

For Andalou Naturals, it’s simply the way business should be done.