Taste of the Wild Pine Forest Canine Formula with Venison & Legumes


Venison is a lean, highly digestible protein, providing your dog with lots of energy and that wild game flavor, without the extra fat. Probiotics and prebiotic fiber help support healthy digestion, while the perfect balance of omega fatty acids, legumes, fruits and protein sources make this a well-rounded, nutrient-packed formula. Your dog craves a taste of the wild. Go ahead and give him one.

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VenisonIs the meat from deer
Lamb MealIs an excellent source of protein and vital nutrients
Garbanzo BeansFiber Advantage and Weight Loss
PeasUsed in various cuisines.
LentilsHigh in fiber
Pea Protein100% Plant Based Protein - Low in Fat and Carbs - Gluten and Lactose free.
Pea FlourPea flour is a flour produced from yellow field peas that have been roasted.
Egg ProductHigh in quality animal protein and contain all the essential that humans need
Canola OilBecause of its light flavor, high smoke point, and smooth texture, canola oil is one of the most versatile cooking oils.
Fava BeansA master source of protein and soluble fiber
Tomato PomaceUsed in pet and livestock food manufacturing as a source of dietary fiber
Natural FlavorNatural flavors are created from anything that can be eaten (i.e animals and vegetables)
Ocean Fish MealFish is low in fat, high in protein.
Salmon OilThe different types of fish which can be a good source of fish oil are mackerel, rainbow trout, lake trout, halibut, herring, sea bass, sardines, swordfish, oysters, albacore tuna, blue fin tuna, yellow fin tuna, turbot, pilchards, anchovies and salmon.
SaltSalt is used by the body to control blood pressure and volume.
Choline ChlorideCholine is taken by pregnant women to prevent neural tube defects in their babies and it is used as a supplement in infant formulas. Choline is used for liver disease, including chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis.
Dried Chicory RootUsed as a “tonic,” to increase urine production
TomatoesMay Help Reduce Risk of Heart Disease and Cancer
BlueberriesExcellent source of antioxidants and nutrients
RaspberriesThe chemicals in red raspberry might have antioxidant effects and help relax blood vessels.
Yucca SchidigeraYucca is used for osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, migraine headaches, inflammation of the intestine (colitis), high cholesterol, stomach disorders, diabetes, poor circulation, and liver and gallbladder disorders.
Lactobacillus PlantarumWhen a healthy colony of Lactobacillus plantarum lives in the intestines, it prevents harmful bacteria from attaching to the mucosal lining and competes for the nutrients the bad bacteria need to survive.
Bacillus SubtilisBacillus subtilis, known also as the hay bacillus or grass bacillus, is a Gram-positive, catalase-positive bacterium, found in soil and the gastrointestinal tract of ruminants and humans.
Lactobacillus AcidophilusLactobacillus acidophilus may work by helping the body maintain normal consistency of bacteria in the stomach, intestines, and vagina.
Enterococcus FaeciumSupports the Immune System Response
Bifidobacterium AnimalisA probiotic bacteria used as a dietary supplement
Vitamin E SupplementUsed for treating diabetes and its complications
Iron ProteinateIron is also necessary for growth, development, normal cellular functioning, and synthesis of some hormones and connective tissue
Zinc ProteinateZinc is used for boosting the immune system, treating the common cold and recurrent ear infections, and preventing lower respiratory infections.
Copper ProteinateUsed in pet food.
Ferrous SulfateThis medication is an iron supplement used to treat or prevent low blood levels of iron (e.g., for anemia or during pregnancy).
Zinc SulfateZinc sulfate is used in products for eye irritation.
Copper SulfateCopper is necessary for producing and storing iron.
Potassium IodidePotassium iodide is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula KI.
Thiamine MononitrateVitamin B1 also known as Thiamine or Thiamin is a water-soluble vitamin, it is part of the B vitamin family. B vitamins support adrenal function, help calm & maintain a healthy nervous system, and are key for metabolic processes.
Manganese ProteinateManganese is an essential nutrient involved in many chemical processes in the body, including processing of cholesterol, carbohydrates, and protein. It might also be involved in bone formation.
Manganous OxideMnO is a component of fertilizers and food additives
Ascorbic AcidAscorbic acid known as Vitamin C is used to prevent or treat low levels of vitamin C in people who do not get enough of the vitamin from their diets.
Vitamin AVitamin A, also called retinol, helps your eyes adjust to light changes when you come in from outside and also helps keep your eyes, skin and mucous membranes moist.
BiotinBiotin, also known as Vitamin B7 and Vitamin H is used in treating and preventing hair loss, brittle nails, skin rash in infants, diabetes, and mild depression.
NiacinNiacin helps in creating sex hormones for people suffering through sexual disorders like impotence and erectile dysfunction. Vitamin B3 performs the important function of converting proteins, carbohydrates and fats into energy.
Calcium PantothenateVitamin B-5 is one of the eight B vitamins and an essential nutrient your body uses to create energy and break down carbohydrates and fats.
Manganese SulfateManganese is an essential nutrient involved in many chemical processes in the body, including processing of cholesterol, carbohydrates, and protein.
Sodium SeleniteLiquid and tablet supplements containing sodium selenite are used to elevate selenium in the body.
Pyridoxine HydrochlorideMaintain normal nerve function
Vitamin B12Vitamin B12 is applied to the skin either alone or in combination with avocado oil for psoriasis and eczema.
RiboFlavinRiboflavin is used for preventing low levels of riboflavin (riboflavin deficiency), cervical cancer, and migraine headaches.
Vitamin DVitamin D is also used for treating weak bones, bone pain, bone loss in people with a condition called hyperparathyroidism, and an inherited disease in which the bones are especially brittle and easily broken.
Folic AcidFolic acid helps your body produce and maintain new cells, and also helps prevent changes to DNA that may lead to cancer. Folic acid is needed for the proper development of the human body. It is also used to prevent heart disease
CalorieA unit of energy
Crude ProteinA measure of how much protein is in food
Crude FatUsed to refer to the crude mixture of fat-soluble material present in a sample.
Crude FiberUsed to describe the fibrous food residue
MoistureMoisture is the presence of a liquid, especially water, often in trace amounts.
Docosahexaenoic AcidDHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) plays a key role in the development of eye and nerve tissues. DHA may also reduce the risk of heart and circulatory disease by decreasing the thickness of the blood and lowering blood levels of triglycerides.
ZincZinc is used for boosting the immune system, treating the common cold and recurrent ear infections, and preventing lower respiratory infections.
SeleniumSelenium helps the body with:Making special proteins, called antioxidant enzymes, which play a role in preventing cell damage
Vitamin EVitamin E is an important vitamin required for the proper function of many organs in the body. It is also an antioxidant. This means it helps to slow down processes that damage cells.
Omega-6 Fatty AcidsOmega-6 fatty acids are types of fats. Some types are found in vegetable oils, including corn, evening primrose seed, safflower, and soybean oils. Other types of omega-6 fatty acids are found in black currant seed, borage seed, and evening primrose oils.
Omega-3 Fatty AcidsOmega-3 fatty acids have been found to be beneficial for the heart.
MicroorganismsUsed in cleaning up the environment

Nourish your canine companion with the balanced diet nature intended with Taste of the Wild Pine Forest Grain-Free Dry Dog Food! Formulated with novel proteins including venison, this grain-free recipe includes nutrient-rich legumes like peas and garbanzo beans that deliver the highly-digestible energy your pal needs, along with natural antioxidant support from real fruits and vegetables and dried chicory root for prebiotic support and healthy digestion. Essential minerals are chelated with amino acids to optimize their absorption and ensure maximum benefit, for complete and balanced nutrition with a taste of the wild your furry friend constantly craves!
Key Benefits

Grain-free recipe made with real venison as the first ingredient followed by other whole foods for lean nutrition and to help support strong muscles.
Natural recipe with added vitamins and powerful antioxidants from real fruits and vegetables support overall health, while omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids support healthy skin and coat.
Made with ingredients from trusted and sustainable sources with no grain, corn, wheat, filler, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives makes this recipe perfect for sensitive pups.
Nutrient-rich and highly digestible recipe made with proprietary K9 strain probiotic blend to help support your canine companion’s digestive health.
Made in the USA by a family owned and run company with the most scientifically advanced food safety protocols because your pal deserves nothing but the best!


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