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Ark Naturals

• Since 1996, Ark Naturals offers the highest quality natural health, remedy and lifestyle products for pets. All Ark Naturals producs are Made in the USA.
Company Overview
• Founded by Susan and Jay Weiss in 1996, Ark Naturals was created to answer the call for all-natural health and wellness products for companion animals.
• Started long before it was trendy to be “green” and “holistic”, Susan and Jay were inspired to create the company and its product line when their beloved dog, Jordan, succumbed to cancer at 10 years old. According to Susan, Jordan was raised with ‘old thinking’ – supermarket pet foods, lots of shots and vaccines, and low quality treats. Already involved in the natural product business for humans, this experience opened their eyes to the benefits of natural pet health products.
• Ark Naturals now offers a complete line of over 30 products. In 2010, the State of Florida recognized and awarded Ark Naturals as one of 50 top “Companies to Watch”
• Our product line includes dental, joint care, skin & coat, and ears & eye care, digestion aids, flea & tick solutions, calming aids, and vitamins & antioxidants.
• All of our products are made in the USA using the finest ingredients available.
• We are a founding and audited member of the NASC with an A+ rating.
• Ark Naturals is dedicated to providing pet guardians with natural options for their pet’s care.
• Part of our mission is to educate pet owners. Ark provides pet owners with scientific information that is clear and easy to understand. Our belief is that pet owners will choose natural alternatives when they understand the differences between natural and chemically adulterated products.
• Our goal is to not only develop products that allow pets to enjoy a better quality of life, but also to help owners rest assured that they have cared for their pets in the best possible way.
• We actively support and are involved with charitable organizations that help animals including rescues, animal assisted therapy, agility, and animal rights groups.
Named a top Florida company to watch in 2011, Best Pet Products-Kiwi Magazine 2009, Pinacle Award- Pet Age 2010, Industry Recognition Award, Pet Business 2011.
Ark Naturals offers a full line of dental products, joint health and support supplements, probiotics, grooming aids, natural flea and tick alternatives, functional training products, wellness vitamins and antioxidants, and remedy products for eye, ear, and digestive care for dogs and cats.