Absorbine Hooflex Therapeutic Conditioner & Brush 15 oz


Hooflex® Therapeutic Liquid Conditioner is an easy-to-apply liquid that is the equivalent formula of Absorbine®’s Hooflex® Original Ointment. It has the identical nine active ingredients, but uses a breathable barrier to help maintain the appropriate moisture balance to keep hooves pliable.

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Neatsfoot oilIt moisturizes the skin and keeps it protected from dryness.
Lanolin oilIt rehydrates, controls and retains skin moisture, and leaves the skin smooth, soft and fresh-looking.
ChloroxylenolChloroxylenol is the antibacterial in dettol that acts to kill germs and reduce inflammation.
ParaffinA white or colourless soft solid that is used as a lubricant and for other applications
Mineral oilThis medication is used as a moisturizer to treat or prevent dry, rough, scaly, itchy skin and minor skin irritations
PetrolatumPetrolatum temporarily protects injured or exposed skin from harmful or annoying stimuli and may provide relief to such skin.
Pinus Palustris Wood TarIt can be used as a treatment for skin conditions like psoriasis or rosacea.
RosinThey are also used for tablet film and enteric coating purpose.
TurpentineIt is mainly used as a solvent and as a source of materials for organic synthesis.

Trusted by farriers for over 70 years, our original Hooflex® horse hoof conditioner helps restore and support strong, healthy hooves—all in a convenient liquid with a brush applicator to make application fast and easy.

Treats brittle, drying, cracking, and chipping hooves
Creates a breathable moisture barrier to help maintain a long-lasting moisture balance
Absorbs quickly and provides deep therapeutic conditioning
Helps protect the hoof wall, sole, and frog
Contains antibacterial and antifungal agents to help prevent infection


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