Zoetis Kopertox Thrush Treatment – 8oz Bottle


Kopertox Dressing is an aid in treating horses and ponies with thrush. This waterproof treatment kills off the micro-organisms & healing thrush. The organisms that cause thrush are susceptible to Copper Naphthenate To use: clean hoof thoroughly & apply twice daily until the thrush is gone.

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Copper NaphthenateThe copper salt of naphthenic acid, a general-use wood preservative.
Inert IngredientsAny substance other than an active ingredient

Kopertox provides water-resistant protection for the treatment of thrush in horses and ponies. Clean the hoof thoroughly, removing debris and necrotic material prior to application. Apply daily to the affected hooves until fully healed.

Kopertox Key Benefits

aids in treating horses and ponies with thrush
contains 37.5% Copper Napthenate

Note: Do not use on animals which are raised for food production.

Also known as:

copper tox


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