Sidda Flower Essences Temperment and Boundaries – Pets – 1 fl oz


Homeopathic Remedy for Pets Temporarily relieves symptoms of: Angry disposition Easily excited Easily provoked Timid and afraid Noise sensitivity Indications are based on homeopathic materia medica, not clinical tests.

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AconiteDespite serious concerns about safety, some people take aconite by mouth for facial paralysis, joint pain, gout, finger numbness, cold hands and feet, inflammation, painful breathing and fluid in the space surrounding the lungs (pleurisy), certain heart problems (pericarditis sicca), fever, skin diseases, and hair loss. Aconite is also used as a disinfectant, to treat wounds, and to promote sweating.
Argentum NitricumThe particular therapeutic usage of this homeopathic remedy perfectly fit for the middle ages whenever it is used as an antiseptic along with corrosive to deal with injuries. Nowadays Argentum Nitricum continues to be used in wart treatments.
CentauryCentaury is an herb used as medicine to treat loss of appetite and upset stomach. It is also used as flavoring in beverages.
HollyNative Indians used to make an every-day caffeinated drink from its young leaves and twig tips.
Kali CarbIt is highly caustic, so it is rarely recommended for internal consumption, unless it is quite diluted. For medical purposes, it is most often applied to the body externally, as an ointment or lotion. Homeopathic medicine practitioners believe that it can treat the symptoms of joint pain, back pain, kidney disorders,insomnia, and even asthma.
Nat MurUsed for a number of health conditions, especially those related to emotional disorders. When sodium chloride completely dissolves in the boiling water, the resultant solution is strained and subsequently evaporated to obtain crystals of the salt. These crystals are diluted in water to the desired potency level or strength to obtain the medication Nat. mur
PhosphorusEssential Mineral - Wide Range of Benefits Including Bone Health, Cellular Repair, and Healthy Digestion
WalnutWalnuts are packed with nutrients and walnut oil is an excellent way to get even more of the health benefits of walnuts in your diet.
Bird Of ParadiseBirds of Paradise, known also as Crane flowers and Strelitzia, are bright-colored flowers native to South Africa.
Chin CactusGymnocalycium, commonly called chin cactus, is a genus of about 70 South American species of cactus. The genus name Gymnocalycium (from Greek, "naked calyx") refers to the flower buds bearing no hair or spines.
Desert Barrel CactusBarrel cactus are various members of the two genera Echinocactus and Ferocactus, found in the deserts of Southwestern North America.
LemonThe health benefits of lemon include its use as a treatment of throat infections, indigestion, constipation, dental problems, and fever, internal bleeding, rheumatism, burns, obesity, respiratory disorders, cholera and high blood pressure, while it also benefits hair and skin care,.
Natural FlavorNatural flavors are created from anything that can be eaten (i.e animals and vegetables)
PolylysinePolylysine refers to several types of lysine homopolymers, which may differ from each other in terms of stereochemistry and link position.
Quaking GrassBriza is a genus of annual and perennial plants in the grass family, native to northern temperate regions of Eurasia, North Africa, and certain islands in the Atlantic.
RabbitbrushRabbitbrush is a common name for shrubs, principally of the western United States
Rosa CalifornicaRosa californica is a bush or thicket-forming shrub with prickly, curving stems. The fragrant flowers may grow singly or in inflorescences of several blooms. Each rose is open-faced and generally flat, with five petals in any shade of pink from almost white to deep magenta. It produces typical rose hips containing yellow seeds.[2]
Sweet CornSweet corn (Zea mays convar. saccharata var. rugosa;[1] also called sugar corn and pole corn) is a variety of maize with a high sugar content.
Flower EssenceA substance prepared from a flowering plant and used therapeutically for its alleged beneficial effects on mood, outlook, etc.

Pets Temperament Boundaries by Siddha Flower Essences 1 fl oz Liquid Pets Temperament Boundaries 1 fl oz Liquid Product Siddha Temperament Boundaries encourages interconnectivity between animals and humans. Many animals have evolved as pack animals that have clearly defined hierarchies. This can assist with temperament issues stemming from that dynamic. Active Ingredients Aconite 6C HPUS Argentum Nitricum 9C HPUS Centaury 5X HPUS Holly 5X HPUS Kali Carb 6C HPUS Nat Mur 6X HPUS Phosphorus 6C HPUS Walnut 5X HPUS Temporarily relieves symptoms Angry disposition Easily excited Easily provoked Timid and afraid Noise sensitivity Suggested Use As a dietary supplement pets 31 lbs and heavier. sprays in the mouth twice per day 5 days per week. pets 30 lbs and lighter 3 sprays in mouth twice per day 5 days per week. may be sprayed on pets water bowl.may be applied externally to the top of the pet’s head. – Or as directed by your healthcare professional. Other Ingredients Bird of Paradise Chin Ca


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